Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the creations pictured on this site for sale?
    Many of the creations pictured are already in private collections.  While there are no specific plans in place to sell the others directly from the site individual inquiries and offers will be entertained.  Check back soon for details on a 3rd party retail partnership to be announced.  I also hope to be doing a charity auction soon.
  2. What about prints and other merchandise?
    Limited edition giclée prints and T-shirts will soon be available through this site.
  3. Do you do commissions?
    Yes, one of the first creations, Opus No. 3 "When Trumpets Fly" was commissioned by legendary Hollywood session musician Rick Baptist with others in the works.
  4. I have an old instrument to donate, would you be interested?
    Absolutely!  I'm always looking for new material to work with.  Please email details or photos through the contact page.
  5. What's next?
    I have a workshop full of projects at various stages, a couple very close to completion but missing an elusive part or two.  I hope to be announcing them here soon!